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Reinforced concrete container

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Reinforced concrete container are made to the new requirements of DIN 11622-2 and AwSV, and the quality is constantly verified by our own and external quality controls. They are designed for strength and durability.

The 4.02 m high tank has a capacity of 511-2.599 m3 (external diameter 13.06 m-29.06 m). With a height of 5.02 metres it has a capacity of 536-4.007 m3 (external diameter 11.99 m-32.25 m). With a height of 6.02 metres, the capacity is 1.034-7.511 m3. (external diameter 15.20 m-40.24 m). With a height of 8.02 metres, it can hold 1.390-10.006 m3 (external diameter 15.20 m-40.24 m). 

Everything from a single source: tank construction, slurry technology, leakage detection system and delivery.