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The master factory: 

49434 Neuenkirchen-Vörden
Erlenweg 4
Headquarters, Disposal and Production of slatted floors

Production in the "Niedersachsenpark"

Meppener Str. 2
49597 Rieste
Reinforcements, Steel mats, Concrete cast

Factory Polen I

ul. Osiedlowa 27
PL 68-114 Tomaszowo

Factory Polen II

ul. Przemyslowa 5
PL 68-114 Tomaszowo

Own haulage contractor

All slatted floors are loaded from our expert staff on our own lorries and unloaded properly.


Our trained and experienced staff lays the slatted floors professionally, in new buildings as well as in already existing stables.

The customer is in our focus

Thye-Lokenberg Betonwerke, manufacturer of precast concrete, offers its customers for decades a large selection of high quality slatted floors for all purposes. With two plants in Neuenkirchen-Vörden and a branch operating in Poland. We, the slatted floor specialists, are always close to our customers. In addition to refining regions in Germany, we receive also many orders from England, the Netherlands and Eastern European countries. 



A large selection

The slatted floors for pig husbandry are manufactured for animal weights up to 250 kg. Depending on the function range, the customers can decide to buy slatted elements for the farrowing section, waiting areas and mating centres as well as for the pig fattening. We can also offer a large range of different slatted spaces, hole plates and closed plates. The high slot share improves the cleanliness and reduces the workload in the stable. Additionally, we offer slatted elements for potatoes and onions.

Special designs on request

One of our key strengths are the special designs requested from our customers. On this way we implement our customer needs, for example, in stable extensions relatively quick.

Up to 15 tons axle load

With the new factory for cattle slatted floors, the load increases up to 4 tons axle load. At the same time the slatted elements have been increased to 1.10 m width and 4.25 m length. Therefore, this new product offers new possibilities for the construction of dairy stables and it clearly stands out from other products.