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Everything concrete – from Thye-Lokenberg

Concrete is a durable, cost-effective, high-quality and versatile material that has many uses both in agriculture and landscaping. Concrete is adaptable.

Slatted floors are increasingly taking the needs of the animals into account.

With the right balance between slot width and tread, treated surfaces or coatings, Thye-Lokenberg has the perfect product for all pig-sty or cattle-shed applications. This will ensure improved animal welfare and greater economy

We have increased our product range for farmers by adding large elements such as slurry tanks and bunker silo panels.

In road construction and landscaping, concrete is a versatile, durable and ecological material for many applications – and is more flexible than you might think.

Thye-Lokenberg - everything concrete.

Insight into the production of our German plant

Insight into the production of our plant in Poland

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